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The Sexual Wellness Shot

All too often women’s sexual health is overlooked – Additionally many women are reluctant to address their sexuality even in a safe, medical environment with doctors.
Decreased sexual pleasure, decreased arousal, and low sex drive (libido) can occur as women age. Fortunately, Revive Vero Beach proudly offers women a safe, non-invasive solution to increase sexual health and satisfaction.

What is The Sexual Wellness Shot?

The Sexual Wellness Shot is a non-invasive procedure used to help women achieve sexual satisfaction, improve pleasure, intimacy and alleviate sexual dysfunction. The Sexual Wellness Shot uses PRP, or platelet-rich plasma extracted from the patient and is injected into the vaginal area. The PRP works to regenerate cells, collagen and stimulate blood vessels – The regenerating properties of the PRP help to increase vaginal stimulation.
Our Revive Vero Beach physician is among an elite group of providers specifically trained in administering this treatment. The Sexual Wellness Shot is a treatment protected by the US Patent & Trademark Law and only providers who undergo training, certification and are listed on the Sexual Wellness Shot website are prohibited to provide this service. 
Benefits of the Sexual Wellness Shot
  • Increased Libido and Sex Drive
  • Increased Vaginal Sensitivity
  • Increased Clitoral Sensitivity
  • Orgasm Frequency and Intensity
  • Increased Natural Lubrication
  • Decreased Urinary Incontinence
  • Decreased Pain for Patients who Experience Painful Intercourse
  • Improved Skin Texture of the Vulva
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