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Biomarker Testing

Biomarker testing is a group of tests that takes a closer look at an individual’s health at the molecular level that our doctors can prescribe initialized treatment per patient. Biomarker testing may also be called "molecular testing" or "genetic testing.


Our initial comprehensive blood work covers 65 Biomarkers that give a broad and detailed picture of one’s overall health condition. These biomarkers cover the following areas:

  • Complete Blood Count

  • Major Organ Functions including liver, kidneys, pancreas and more.

  • Diabetic Indices

  • Cardiac Function and Lipids

  • Endocrine system

  • Comprehensive Hormone Analysis

  • Sex Hormone Analysis

  • Full Thyroid Function

  • Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies

  • Growth Hormone factors

  • Prostate health for men

Once we have an initial view of your overall health, you will undergo a complete physical exam and lab review to determine your treatment protocol. Your individualized treatment protocol will be based on the scientific lab evidence, physical, body composition scan, and personal symptoms. Revive will continue to monitor your overall health and response to treatment with follow up testing and review.


Revive also offers a full compendium of available lab testing that includes but is not limited to:

  • Heavy metals analysis (measures possible harmful levels of heavy metals in one’s system from environmental and/or food exposure)

  • Food and inhalant allergy testing

  • Hereditary Cancer Screening (Genetic testing to identify genetic variants in your DNA that predispose you for certain cancers and risk)

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